Just in case you are looking to get out of cooking for the evening, and just want something to eat....may I suggest Seaside Plaza at 4255 A1A South.  I happen to "room" with the businesses located there, and frankly it's amazing that I don't weigh 500 pounds.  I'm surrounded by goodies, treats and favorite eats.

You can honestly find the best variety of Restaurants in Seaside Plaza. 

If you feel the need for fresh seafood, not fried & a wonderful broccoli salad side ~ head over to Seafood Kitchen where Brian will cook it up for you.

Feeling a little like a "date night" is in order ~ plan for a leisure meal with a nice glass of wine or Woodchuck Cider; and the Chef's Stuffed Chicken; or treat yourself to the special of the night, it's always a wonderful preparation.

Need to kick back with the boys and have a beer, wings and football viewing?  Hurricane Wings is your stop for as long or as short of a stay as you wish.  Come early for the live music, stay late for the live action.